n 2008 Perlin was invited to live in Mexico city to design a carpooling system, Aventon.com,  for developing nations. There, perlin studios acted remotely,  collaborating with Pedro Reyes and working out of the  FRE-E office, supervising a local and international team to design a hyper-secure social software system for people to share rides. The system went live and had users, and was a great chance to learn strategy as well as user testing methods, interface design and project supervision. We paired up with Ibero University to gain real users testing as soon as possible.
In order to provide solid data, we formed an alliance with Garmin to acquire street level accuracy, which google maps and open street maps still do not have in Mexico City.

In 2011, this project was presented as part of the festival of ideas for Audi’s Mobility and the City  through the Storefront for Art and Architecture, New York.