Perlin Studios and Pod Design and Media were selected as one of 5 design studios, including the likes of Bruce Mau and others, to design spaces based upon programs on Showtime. We designed a space inspired by dissociative identity disorder and schizophrenia, the primary focus of the program the United States of Tara. In the space, the Loft and Roof spaces are transformed into interior spaces and exterior ones, inverting traditional notions of stability of both space and, by adding both interactive video and wireless headphone audio, time.

Perlin Studios worked with Pod Design to create an interior space with modular, laser cut wood that looks both like the interior of the brain as well as an audio waveform.
P.S. then created an interactive video wall, where Tara’s 3 personality shifting characters tracked viewer’s faces and bodies, and followed them around the room. We also made inverse surveillance, with a proprietary video switcher, between roofdeck surveillance and modified surveillance video of the show itself.
In addition, an audio work called “Voices in my head” was created. This work could be heard on wireless headphones, giving the spectator a chance to wandert the spaces, further creating a sense of disorientation and instability.